Adhearsys offers a consumption-based security assessment model to quickly provision or deprovision resources based on your testing needs. You can leverage our capabilities and security assessment expertise to drive architecture risk analysis, threat modeling, penetration testing initiatives, and provide secure coding guidelines for your team to mitigate security flaws in the early stages of development.

Our Services

Penetration Testing

Real-world attack simulations to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in your network, systems, and apps that may lead to a security breach

Application Security Testing

Outcome-based security assessment approach derived through application profiling to fix critical vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Management using SAVP Platform

Effectively operate vulnerability management programs through context-sensitive analytics, remediation workflows, metrics, and information management

Application Security Program Management

Scale up your application security programs with end-to-end project management and delivery, including testing lifecycles

How Adhearsys can help you

  • Flexible resource provisioning and pricing to reduce operational costs.
  • Save on OPEX by avoiding to invest in people and hardware resources.
  • Reduce testing cycle times and application security defects.
  • Meet release deadline faster and deliver secure applications.
  • Mitigate application security risks by meeting compliance standards.

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